The truth about David Seymour's 'close' relationship with DWTS partner Amelia McGregor

David has not denied claims that he and Amelia were more than just friends when they danced together last year.

Was it the secret hook-up we all missed?
This week David Seymour will be joining Amelia McGregor and William Waiirua in the trio dances for Dancing With The Stars - and we're picking it could be awkward for David and Amelia because an inside source has revealed that the couple were more than just friends and dance partners last year. The source said they got together as a result of dancing together on the show. They've since broken up but remain good friends.
Amelia has flatly denied the claim, saying, "David and I have only ever been dance partners and good friends" - but David has not.
"I'm more just not commenting," he told Now To Love when he took time out of his busy schedule on Budget day to address our questions.
Not denying could be taken as confirming, David was pressed, but he reiterated: "I'm more just not commenting."
He added, "We've always been very close. We've had a mutual experience of going through a reality show like that, we click and we get on really well, so I hope we'll be friends for life."
He said, "Amelia is one of the world's really special people. The thing about Amelia is that she is this amazing combination of sweet and strong and so we've stayed really good friends. I mean when you go through an ordeal like DWTS it's a bit like people who were on a shipwreck and they write to each other for the rest of their lives. I think we'll be friends through life."
After the show wrapped last year David took Amelia on a week-long holiday to Hawaii, sparking rumours then that they were more than just friends. But he explained questions away, saying that they "deserved it" after all they'd been through together on the show, including facing online bullying via social media.
He said this week that the trip "was really great fun" and that "Hawaii was separate rooms".
The couple still catch up regularly and last saw one another in March.
David said, "It's been a couple of months because she's been completely into it [training for DWTS], but we usually hang out about once a month, I think we had lunch a couple of months ago at Wildfire."
They also went to see Bic Runga together on Waiheke Island over the summer.
David has since met a new partner, who he says he's been with about six months.
"She's very wonderful. We met at a party. She's extremely disdainful of politics and politicians. In fact, the first question she asked me is what I do so that was a bit weird. I don't normally get that, actually kind of fantastic really."
David became a DWTS fan favourite last season despite, or perhaps because of, his lack of ability on the dance floor. He and Amelia made it through to the semi-finals despite consistently scoring at the bottom of the leader board, and when he added a twerk to his jive routine (see the video above), it became the stuff of legends.
But David said there will be no twerking in this week's trio performance, which he's been working on with Amelia and William since Tuesday.
"I feel a real sense of responsibility because I really want these guys to make it through to the final," David said.
He's been watching the show religiously and voting for William every week.
Also joining the DWTS cast this week will be former finalist Chris Harris who's dancing with Glen Osborne and Vanessa Cole. Shortland Street's Ben Barrington is joining Laura Daniel and Shae Mountain, Miriama Smith will join Manu Vatuvei and Loryn Reynolds, Barbara Kendall will join Nadia Lim and Aaron Gilmore, and Shane Cameron will join Clinton Randell and Britt Coleman.
Dancing with the Stars NZ airs Sundays at 7pm and Monday's at 7.30pm on THREE.