Jude Dobson's disappointment at no longer being able to "dance for all the middle-aged women" out there

''It would have been nice to last a little longer," she says of her exit from Dancing With The Stars.

We were all excited for the return of Jude Dobson to our screens when she was announced as one of the stars on this season of Dancing With The Stars - and equally as devastated when the 5.30 With Jude host was the first to be eliminated from the show last week.
There were tears backstage, afterwards, she has revealed - and many of them from her fellow contestants. The hours that the cast and crew put in to each show mean that they quickly become 'family', and some bonds remain long after the winner is announced and the stage set has been dismantled.
Jude has been philosophical about her departure, saying it "would have been nice to last a little longer" but that the "writing was on the wall" after getting the second lowest score in week one.
In this video interview, which we shot with Jude just days before her shock elimination, Jude touched on her fear of being the first to be eliminated.
She also talked about some of the challenges she faced - the biggest being "surrendering control" to her dance partner, Matt - as well as her intention to dance for "all the middle-aged women" out there.
While she may not have been able to do that for as long as she had hoped, she at least did it her way - with dignity, style and grace.
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