All the times Prince Louis looked just like his big brother Prince George

Is it just us or is Prince Louis totally Prince George's mini-me?
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We haven’t seen much of little Prince Louis since his birth last year – there was his appearance in Prince Charles’ 70th birthday portraits and the Cambridge family’s 2018 Christmas card – but besides these, his appearances have been few and far between.

He is only one, after all.

That was until just last month when we were treated to three delightful photos of the youngest Cambridge to mark his first birthday, and then again just this week with the first photos and video shared of the tot walking, oh how he’s grown!

Besides melting our hearts with his sheer cuteness, we couldn’t help noticing that Prince Louis is starting to look more and more like another young royal, his older brother Prince George!

While 5-year-old George is looking very grown up these days, there’s no denying that his younger brother is almost the spitting image of him when he was the same age.

From the big rosy cheeks to the blonde hair to the cheeky streak, keep scrolling to see the striking similarities.

This image taken just this week, shows the first photos shared of Prince Louis walking and we couldn’t help comparing it to the adorable photo of his older brother at the same age.

Both rocking stripped outfits, they even seem to be wearing the same little shoes!

It looks like they’re both mummy’s boys too!

Prince Louis was never far from his mum, Duchess Catherine’s, side as he explored the garden she’d designed for the Chelsea Flower Show, just like Prince George when he was his age, who kept a tight hold around his mum while visiting Wellington.

Royal fans were quick to draw comparisons between the two brothers, with one person taking to Instagram to write, “Louis is an absolute George clone”, while another wrote: “Adorable! Those two boys are twins!”

And how could we not include the cheeky grin Prince Louis has picked up from his older brother.

Prince George is well-known for his cheekiness over the years and it seems Prince Louis is following in his footsteps. Just last week Duchess Catherine revealed little Louis is keeping her and Prince William “on our toes”.

“I turned around the other day and he was at the top of the slide – I had no idea!,” Kate told royal fans during a visit to Bletchley Park.

Those big rosy cheeks! Those bright sparkling eyes and blonde hair combed to the same side.

You can’t refute the fact that these royal brothers are the spitting image of each other, plus we’re loving the fact that Prince Louis seems to be rocking a whole lot of Prince George’s outfits (did you spot the matching shorts here?).

The Cambridge Princes sure know how to rock the colour blue and here the little cherubs look like doppelgängers!

Fair to say we cannot wait to see more of Prince Louis as he grows – will he continue to look like his older brother? Only time will tell!

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