The top names for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal baby, according to the bookies

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The countdown is well and truly on with only a few short months to go until Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan welcome their first child.

From Baby Sussex’s weight to the day he/she will be born, the bookies have been inundated with bets on the royal baby and when it comes to names, people have plenty of ideas.

Some say Harry and Meghan will opt for something classic, while others think the name will have a hint of California coolness. But if you want a little more evidence, we’ve rounded up some of the top picks on Ladbrokes UK to see what names are taking the lead.

Will the couple choose to go with something traditional, or will it have a touch of California coolness? (Source: Getty)

The top girls’ names

Coming out on top for Baby Sussex’s name is Victoria, closely followed by Diana, and no prizes for guessing why they’d pick that one.

Diana is one of Princess Charlotte’s middle names and since Prince Harry had a close bond with his mother, who tragically died when he was just 12 years old, naming his first child in her honour would be the ultimate tribute.

WATCH: Prince Harry calls Princess Diana his ultimate role model. Story continues below…

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Diana is followed by Alice at odds of 12/1 and Elizabeth and Mary both at 16/1.

Back when Duchess Catherine was pregnant with Princess Charlotte, Alice was one of the front-runner names as it was the name of one of Queen Victoria’s daughters and Prince Philip’s mother.

With many people predicting the royal baby will be a girl, it doesn’t surprise us that the most bets have been placed on girls’ names, rather than boys’.

Check out the top girls’ names, via Ladbrokes. Story continues below…

8/1 Victoria

10/1 Diana

12/1 Alice

16/1 Elizabeth

16/1 Mary

20/1 Alexandra

20/1 Grace

25/1 Frances

33/1 Alexandria

33/1 Harriet

50/1 Amelia

50/1 Caroline

50/1 Doria

50/1 Emily

50/1 Florence

50/1 Georgiana

50/1 Helena

50/1 Isabelle

50/1 Matilda

50/1 Nancy

Will it be a little girl for Harry and Meghan? (Source: Getty Images)

Top boys’ names

It’s unlikely that Harry and Meghan’s child will ever be king, but if they have a son, the bookies predict the regal names Albert and Philip for top spot, both at sitting at 12/1.

Arthur and James both come in at second place, although Arthur also happens to be the name of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’ son born late last year so if they pick that one, they’ll be keeping it in the family…sort of.

Alexander and Alfred are also popular picks, both sitting at third place.

Check out the top boys’ names, via Ladbrokes. Story continues below…

12/1 Albert

12/1 Philip

16/1 Arthur

16/1 James

20/1 Alexander

25/1 Charles

25/1 Edward

25/1 Henry

25/1 Thomas

33/1 Frederick

33/1 Richard

33/1 Spencer

33/1 William

50/1 Andrew

50/1 Benjamin

50/1 Francis

50/1 Jack

50/1 Oliver

66/1 Michael

66/1 Sebastian

Blue for a boy? Meghan and Harry matched when they visited Tonga shortly after announcing the pregnancy. (Source: Getty Images)

Could Harry and Meghan surprise us all?

We can speculate all we want but something tells us that Harry and Meghan will pull something wild and out of the park. Even Will and Kate did so after their last royal baby was born.

It took four whole days for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to reveal Prince Louis’ full name, and it seems everyone was thrown by the less expected choice.

It’s safe to say we’ll be waiting here with bated breath to find out what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decide.

Will they surprise us with something a little unconventional, or will they choose to stick to a traditional royal name? Either way, we’re sure it’ll be lovely!

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