Married at First Sight

The Married at First Sight fights and meltdowns that didn't make it to air

We saw some intense run-ins on the show - but it turns out that was only the half of it!

  • One on-set spy says Jules frequently left the set in tears, explaining, "The second girls' night was the last straw for her. She vowed to never speak to Jess again."
  • A guest at Ning and Mark's wedding claims the 32-year-old bride was heard telling producers she was "bored, cold and unsatisfied" with her wedding – and groom!
  • According to a source, Billy was quite the resident drinker! The insider claims that after instigating several arguments with Susie, he was banned from drinking alcohol during filming hours.
  • The real reason Ines stormed off the set once her affair with Sam was revealed? Cyrell allegedly launched herself at Ines, but it never made it to air. "That's why she refused to come back until Cyrell was removed," adds a source close to the set.
Watch: The most explosive MAFS dinner party of all time. Article continues below.
  • A source close to Ines tells Woman's Day she asked not to be left alone with her groom Bronson as she didn't like being around him.
  • While things got physical between Cyrell and Martha, Woman's Day hears two of the grooms came to blows during one of the dinner parties, but it wasn't captured on film.
  • A member of one wedding party was said to be taking drugs at the ceremony. The same culprit also tried to start a fight!
  • Nic and Cyrell had a number of explosive fights off camera that were never shown. After the first commitment ceremony, an insider alleges Cyrell was really aggressive towards Nic, getting up in his face over "something petty."
  • The brat pack is no more! According to a close mutual friend, Martha and Ines have distanced themselves from Jess since filming because they feel she had ulterior motives for being on the show.
  • A guest at Mick and Jess' wedding reveals that off-camera, tensions between Mick, her brother and father were intense! "With free-flowing beer, it became quite heated and at one stage they were going at it," says the source. The insider alleges they were made to reshoot a more PG-rated version to be aired.
  • There's speculation Nic has been shunned by the entire cast after scathing comments he made about them were revealed via text. "Nic would b** about everyone on the show – I have the texts – and then we would go to the dinners and he would be friendly to them," says Cyrell.

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