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Question time: Laura McGoldrick

The TV presenter turned Westside actress gives us the inside scoop on her guilty pleasure and what makes her happy.

If I were brave enough, I’d… Maybe do a sky dive. Maybe…

My advice to my younger self… Your mistakes do not define you.

My fail-safe recipe when cooking for others is… Roast chicken.

I feel content when… I’m with my husband and family.

The best thing about winter is… Rainy Sundays watching movies.

Top of my bucket list is… Travel! Top of my travel list are India, South Africa and I always want to go back to New York!

The website I can’t resist checking is… The Daily Mail.

My go-to party outfit is… A black dress and high shoes.

If I could live off one food it’d be… Courgettes.

My guilty TV watch is… Keeping Up With the Kardashians! I love it; it has taken up way too much of our My Sky.

In my handbag right now… Lipgloss (plenty actually!), a packet of almonds, green tea, wallet, keys and Panadol.

My last supper meal would be… Anything my Mum made; maybe her roast lamb. She is an amazing cook.

My ultimate dinner party guest would be… Victoria Beckham.

The person whose work I most admire is… Hilary Barry; I think she is amazing, and paving the way for women. She’s also a mum and doing an awesome job.

The best thing not yet invented… A robot to pack and unpack your suitcase. It’s one of my least favourite things to have to do.

If I were a billionaire… I would have a lot of shoes! I’d also make sure my family is taken care of, I’d travel, and I’d donate money to charity.

Favourite album of all time is… Michael Jackson’s HIStory – one of the first albums my parents got me.

The song that always makes me want to dance is… Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

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