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Celebrities come out to vote for the US Elections

Hollywood is out in full force to show their fellow Americans the huge importance in voting in today's presidential election.

Hollywood is out in full force to show their fellow Americans the huge importance in voting in today’s presidential election deciding whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will lead their country.

Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz, Justin Theroux, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban hit the polls to do their civic duty.

We’ve rounded up all your favourite stars who’ve documented this incredibly important day.

Click through and check out which celeb has cast their vote!

Hillary Rodham Clinton was joined by her husband and former president Bill, as they both cast their votes.

It was family for the Trump clan, with Donald being joined by wife Melania and his eldest daughter Ivanka, her little one five-year-old Arabella.

They may be proud Aussies, but Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban are also proud American voters!

“Vote y’all!” Reese Witherspoon said on Instagram.

He may be in Germany, but Justin Theroux will always do his civic duty!

Olivia Wilde teared up at the ballot when she realised how important today is for her. With her hubby-to-be Jason Sudeikis and their daughter Daisy, one month, by her side, she mused, “Baby girl’s first election. It’s a cool time to be alive. #tearsofjoy!”

Taylor Swift will have some major bad blood if you don’t vote.

Showing off her pearly whites, Anne Hathaway was delighted to cast her vote.

“I voted today for the country I want to live in… a country where there is equality, inclusion, acceptance and freedom that EVERY American deserves,” Cameron passionately shared. “Please go out and vote for the America you want to live in.”

The singer went Gaga over her love for Hilary, penning, “@realDonaldTrump you divided us with hateful language & fear. I love everyone in this country and I vote for @HillaryClinton to unite us,” she wrote on Twitter.

Taking a note from her Buffy days, Sarah Michelle Gellar slayed when she shared this message to her fans, “I normally try and keep things light on here, but today is a really important day. This election has sadly brought out the worst in people, and too many hateful comments.” The actress added, “Yes #I’mWithHer. I realize she may not be everyone’s ideal candidate but without question she is the most qualified person to run our country. I have a young daughter, and I want her to know that she can do and be anything.”

“This nasty woman just voted today, before going to work. And I voted for Hillary Clinton. I’m hoping that you will vote today and you will stay in line, no matter how long it is. It was a long line for me this morning. And when you vote, vote for Hillary,” Veep actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus quipped.

Madonna said, “We Got This!!!!!! H.R.C.”

“I voted today for @hillaryclinton. I am so proud of all of you who did the same!” Miley Cyrus said on Instagram.

“Brought my mom with me to vote today. She would have been so excited — as are we!!” Maria Shriver said on Twitter.

Cuddles galore for voting spouses Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello.

Activist Deray McKesson and Vogue editor Anna Wintour snapped the moment after they marked their ballots.

Katy Perry celebrated her birthday by helping Hilary get into office. The proud Clinton supporter donned red, white and blue, sharing this message,”Gave myself the best birthday present ever by voting today.”

Late-night TV host Seth Meyers and wife Alexi were excited for their son Ashe, now seven months, to experience his very first “Intro to democracy!”

Not even mum duties was going to stop Alanis Morissette. Uploading a breastfeeding selfie with her four-month-old daughter Onyx Solace, she quipped, “Evenwhenyoucantleavethehouse!”

Liev Schreiber told his fans that the “boys are stoked to vote!”

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