Too much information

Dear Wendyl, oy husband and I are in our seventies and have a very active sex life. My problem is that my children think it is disgusting and react with horror every time we talk about it. I think they should be glad we are still able to enjoy each other so much, but they seem to think we are perverted or eccentric. How can I get them to be less rude about our life? Upset, Tauranga


Dear Upset, Well, really, can you blame them? I’m all for great sex at any age, but would you have wanted your mother in her seventies to talk to you about her sex life? Which makes me wonder why you feel the need to discuss it with your kids. Are you perhaps trying to impress them with your virility and youthful activities? If that is the case then give it a rest and trust that when your kids see you, they’ll notice how happy and fulfilled you are without hearing the intimate details. Good on you, by the way. You’re a great inspirationWendyl

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