Right to shop

Dear Wendyl,oy husband thinks I spend too much on clothes, but I think as I earn half the money in our household I should be able to spend it on whatever I like. I like clothes and I am in a job where presentation is important. How can I get him to see sense? Shopping Addict, Wellington


Dear Shopping Addict,I guess you’ve tried all the tricks like saying the new dress is borrowed from a friend? Removing the tags and letting the item “cool off” in the wardrobe and then telling him you’ve had that dress for ages, he just hasn’t noticed?

Seriously, though, you have to be fair and the only way to do this is for both of you to sit down with your budget and allow a certain amount for each of you to spend on clothing and miscellaneous items. If you spend your allowance on clothing and he spends his on a pair of shorts and a set of golf clubs then that’s fine.

But don’t go over the agreed amount – you’re in a partnership and you need to honour that. If you can’t do that, then see how you’d be on your own, earning your own money and spending it all on yourself. Not very happy, I would imagine.

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