Recipe rivalry

Dear Wendyl, oy wife and I enjoy good food and wine and buy all the cuisine magazines to experiment with different foods and spices. The problem is we both cook very well but when we have people around for dinner, she always insists on doing all the cooking. Everyone praises her for the fabulous meal and I never get the chance to show off my culinary skills. How can I get her to let me have a go and show off like she does? Peter, Auckland


Dear Peter,Well, she has to be the first woman I’ve heard of who isn’t happy to have her man in the kitchen. oost of us cheer with delight when our bloke puts on an apron and offers to feed us. So this must be about her self-esteem. She feels she needs to be good at something, without you basking in the glory. Can I suggest that you create a dinner party on your own? It may be that in the past she has felt like she had to cook because she organised it. Tell her you want to do all the invitations, design the menu, do all the cooking and that you’ll get a lot of enjoyment from it. Then buy her a one-day spa voucher or get her girlfriend to take her out shopping to get her out from under your feet while you prepare the dinner. I’m sure by the end of the night she’ll be very proud of you.Wendyl

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