Parents share final moments with dying newborn

“We had only seven days with our baby boy, but in those seven days he knew only love.”
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A heartbroken couple have shared a video capturing their last moments with their newborn son Edison.

Nancy and Charlie McLean were thrilled to welcome their first child into the world last month, but their joy quickly turned to horror when they realised their baby was desperately ill.

At just three days old, little Edison was diagnosed with a rare metabolic condition – non-ketotic hyperglycinaemia – and two days later, Nancy and Charlie said their goodbyes and switched his ventilator off.

“But our little fighter had other ideas,” they wrote in a blog post on photographer James Day’s website. “He resumed breathing for himself and gave us two more beautiful days where we were blessed enough to take him for a picnic at the beach and even bring him back home again for 24hrs of cuddle time in our own bed.”

Tragically, Edison passed away two days later, three hours short of being a week old.

But thanks to photographer Day, who took the Australian couple’s wedding photographs just months earlier, they have a beautiful video and dozens of gorgeous photos celebrating their angel’s short life.

James Day/Facebook

It’s something no parent should have to live through, but Nancy and Charlie vowed not to be overcome by grief and find a silver lining in the blackest of clouds.

“It is hard to find the positives in losing your child, but Edison has taught us a beautiful lesson that we need to share,” they wrote. “Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones. Love them like this is the last moment you will ever have with them. Never wait.

“We only had seven days with our baby boy, but we take immense comfort out of the truth that in those seven days he knew only love.

“We spent those days laughing as much as possible. We made a promise to each other and to Edison to celebrate his life, not to waste any second we had with our baby boy while we still had him with us.

“Each time one of us started to become overcome with grief we reminded ourselves that little Eddy was still with us and to cherish the time we had with him. To look at our little angel and kiss his little button nose whilst we could, to smother him with cuddles whilst he was still with us.

“To be thankful for the present moment we can spend with him and not fearful of future ones without him. All he knew was love, and kiss attacks.”

The couple said they have been overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers throughout their ordeal and have praised the tireless work of the midwives, doctors and nurses at Randwick’s Royal Hospital for Women.

They are now raising money for the hospital’s Midwifery Group Practice program and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

To see more beautiful photos of baby Edison, visit James Day’s website.

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