Misunderstood teenager

His teachers complain that he is disruptive and rude, but they don’t see what his mother sees.

Dear Wendyl,

We recently attended my 15-year-old son’s parent-teacher evening and came away feeling really let down by his teachers. He is very bright and sometimes people don’t understand that he finds it hard to be like everyone else. All his teachers complained that he was disruptive and rude, but they don’t see what we see: A really intelligent child needing to be challenged intellectually. I felt like none of his teachers were giving him the time he needs yet we can’t afford to send him to a private school where he might get the education he needs. What should we do?

Worried Mum, Wellington

Dear Worried Mum,

Get over yourself for a start. Every parent thinks their child is unique, special, vastly intelligent and misunderstood. Especially the parents of rude children. I would suggest that just because your child is bright, does not mean he doesn’t have to learn to co-operate with others, take basic instructions, be polite and learn to shut up. So work with his teachers to get his behaviour in order and then you might find that he can settle into an education for that huge brain of his.

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