Loving a loser

Dear Wendyl, I am working full-time, have a two-year-old son and am due to have my second child in october. The father of my children is in his thirties and lives with his mother (rent-free) on the benefit and refuses to work. His response is “Why should I? You are working, our son is in full-time daycare – why move in with you and the kids and have to spend my money on household bills when you’re already paying them and I see my son every day anyway.” He just lounges around the house all day watching daytime TV and cartoons! Women should go on strike and let men know how hard it really is to raise a family, work full-time and still find time for themselves! Angela, email


Dear Angela, I know your letter was intended to defend me against a recent writer who accused me of being anti-male. But can I just stop you for one moment and ask you a question – why on earth would you get pregnant to this man a second time? What part of “loser” didn’t you get the first time you were with this guy?

one child I can understand, move on and do your best, as you’re doing. And good on you. But letting the man near you a second time for a second child is just not responsible. Do yourself a favour and stop enabling this man in your life. By all means let the kids see their dad, but don’t waste any of your time, energy or anger on him. You deserve better.Wendyl

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