Great mates

Letting each other breathe is vital if you want to hold on to your sense of identity and keep your relationship interesting. Unfortunately, some people need to learn how to do that…

Dear Wendyl,oy boyfriend and I are both in our early twenties and we’ve been going out for about a year. My problem is that he likes to go out with the boys on a Friday night and I get left at home. He is the only one in his group who has a girlfriend and I know that they tease him about me having him under my thumb, but I think when you’re in a steady relationship you should spend Friday nights with your partner, not your mates. What do you think?Annoyed, Auckland

Dear Annoyed, Give him a break. No relationship should exclude friendships with other people, and for a young man in his early twenties, his mates are still really important to him. I think the problem here is you need to spend a bit more time with your friends. Why are you sitting at home, packing a sad, when you could be out having a good time too?

Do some work on developing a few friendships of your own, and on a Friday, why not agree to hook up with your bloke later in the night and come home together. You might be surprised to find how much more you enjoy life and your relationship.

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