Busy businesswoman

I hate being late. I always feel so rude and I feel it makes me look disorganised so I avoid it at all costs. But for some people it’s a way of life…

Dear Wendyl, oy best friend is completely unreliable and I think she has some really bad time-management issues. She is always late, often forgets to meet me, and is always rush, rush, rushing. And the worst thing is she never apologises or says sorry. She just blames it on her “hectic” job and lifestyle, like it’s some sort of badge of honour. How can I get her to see that she’s just being rude and not a very good friend. Alice, email


Dear Alice,There seems to be a legitimate movement in career-land where women can run around like chickens with their heads cut off and feel that they’re impressing people with how frantic they are. But I’ve known many oanic oarges and they’re often not very effective or very good at what they do. And isn’t it interesting that these people have no respect for your time? So get tough. If she’s late, get up and leave. If she forgets to turn up, stop arranging to meet her. Your time is just as precious as hers and I doubt she’ll change until she misses that one important meeting and has to face the consequences.Wendyl

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