Bare necessities

Dear Wendyl, one of our flatmates walks around near naked most of the time, even in winter. Usually, and thankfully, he puts on a pair of undies but all of us have come home to him starkers in the kitchen and despite joking with him about putting some clothes on, he continues to get naked. Two of us want to kick him out and two of us think we should just let it go. His future is in your hands because you have the deciding vote. Help! Divided Flatmates, email


Dear Divided Flatmates, I’m going to come over all peace and love on this one. You don’t mention that there’s anything creepy in his behaviour – he just seems to like being free and easy – so my advice is to be tolerant. However I can see his habit causing some problems, especially if you have your parents over for a cup of tea. I think a flat meeting is in order where you raise the issue in a very accepting manner and ask him to confine his nakedness to his bedroom unless he’s sure no-one is coming home for a while. Mr perhaps you could have a signal system, where he hangs a red towel out of the window when he’s naked!Wendyl

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