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Kerre Woodham’s wedding preparations

As her big day creeps nearer, Kerre’s got everything under control... almost.
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Sometimes I forget I’m getting married in six months. When you’ve been with someone for 14 years, it’s easy enough to forget, I suppose. Nothing has changed in our lives. We still wake up to each other in the morning. And I haven’t got round to getting an engagement ring yet so I don’t have a cheeky diamond winking at me, reminding me I’ll be Mrs McIvor soon. So when people ask me how preparations are going for the big day, they seem a wee bit concerned about how little actual planning has been done. But we’re getting there.

For starters, we’ve sorted out when and where we’ll be tying the knot. Finding a date and a venue was relatively simple. My lovely relations have offered us the use of their gorgeous bach which is right on the beach. Although we’ve set a date in February, when the weather should be reasonably settled, sod’s law would suggest that a storm will blow in on the big day, so we’re going to book a hall just in case.

I think I’ve sorted out the menu too. I don’t want a sit-down meal. I’ll be quite happy with fish and chips and Champagne on the beach. And I even have the wrapping paper sorted for the fish and chips. When I proposed to Tom on Leap Day, there was a big story about it in the New Zealand Herald. They even ran an old photo of me from a story that had been done ages ago. So I’m going to run off copies of that onto newsprint to wrap the chips in, proving beyond any doubt that yesterday’s and chip paper.

The guest list is proving a wee bit problematic. One version includes every person whose company I have enjoyed over the past 40-odd years, but we will probably limit numbers to our very nearest and dearest. Tom’s sisters from Ireland have indicated they’d like to come over to see their big brother tie the knot so they will be very special guests of honour and it will mean he won’t be quite so overwhelmed by my friends and family.

I have no idea what I’m going to wear. I thought I could wear one of my favourite party dresses but my daughter’s having none of that. I buy lots of beautiful dresses because of the nature of my job. Not my writing job. That I can – and do – do in my pyjamas. But I MC a lot of black-tie functions and you have to have long, lovely ball gowns for events like that. Which means I could raid my wardrobe if need be. But Kate is adamant I need a new and special frock for the occasion and she’s probably right. It won’t be white, I can tell you that much.

Even though it will be my first wedding, after living together for 14 years, I think it would be pushing the boundaries of propriety if I swanned along the beach in a traditional white lace gown. And tempting fate. I’d probably be struck by lightning. Still, I can sort out a dress relatively easily and I’d rather do it closer to the time.

Just as nearly every bride before me has pledged to do, I’d like to lose 10kg before the day so I’ll look better in the photos. So date and venue are sorted. I know exactly what sort of ring I want – it’s just a matter of finding the time to see the jeweller. The guest list is almost there. Invitations are in production and I know what I want on the catering side.

We still have to find a band, I have to book a marquee and a couple of Portaloos, and there’s that 10kg to drop and a dress to find. Overall, though, with six months to go, I think we have our wedding preparations under control.

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