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Jacinda Ardern and Andrew Little open up about their special bond

It all comes down to whisky, dad jokes and avoiding pineapple on pizza.

They’re the dynamic duo hoping to overthrow the government this election year, but Labour Party leader Andrew Little and his new deputy Jacinda Ardern say their strong bond is more than just political.

In an exclusive interview with New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, the centre-left duo reveal they’ve become close friends over their shared fondness for whisky, Kiwi music and pineapple-free pizza.

“We have these great conversations, many of them about pineapple on pizza,” jokes Andrew. “I’m deeply opposed to it because it makes the pastry soggy and, honestly, would Italians really put pineapple on pizza? Jacinda definitely backs her leader on this matter.”

Nodding, Jacinda goes on to describe an anti-Hawaiian pizza post she made on social media.

“I lost and won votes on that day,” she sighs, cheekily adding, “Apparently Bill English likes pineapple on everything.”

As the pair mess around, Jacinda enjoys the chance to reveal a warm, funny side of her boss that few get to see.

“Honestly, he’s all about the dad jokes,” she says. “He doesn’t even need to think about them. When he’s on fire, they just roll out of him.”

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