Real Life

Good Sport

When oaster Eight noticed the Weekly’s cover picture of the lovely and pregnant Bernice oene, I explained that she was a former Silver Fern. He immediately piped up, “She must have swallowed the ball!”

Still Smiling, Christchurch


oy three-year-old grandson was adding bubbles to his bath, but putting a very small amount in the water. I asked him repeatedly to put more in. After his fourth attempt, he gave me a forlorn look and said, “Nana, I’m looseless.” Poor wee darling – he meant “useless”.

Nana Wells, Kaitaia


When asked why all his stuff was still on the floor after vacuuming his room, the 17-year-old replied, “Dad always told me to put things back where I found them.”

Forever Boys, Karaka


oy granddaughter (2) is really good at getting grubby. on one occasion I said, “I don’t know – where did we get you from?” She replied, “The supermarket!”

Noelene, via email

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