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This random act of kindness during savage Boxing Day sales will warm your heart

Who knew you could find compassion amongst the pushing, shoving and huge queues?
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The Boxing Day sales are notorious for bringing out the worst in people; footage of shoving, fighting and stealing products from other shoppers dominates coverage of the day.

Clothing store Culture Kings however has proven customer service and empathy is still the top priority in the wake of giving season.

Jordan McArthur battled huge Gold Coast crowds on Tuesday with his dad to use his $50 gift card he’d gotten for Christmas.

Huge crowds at Culture Kings stores.

After spending over an hour picking his items and another hour queuing, the young boy realised he’d lost the voucher.

“He’d had it when we first lined up and he’s somehow dropped it out of his pocket,” dad Steven said.

Luckily, they had staff member Tah-Nee Beard who didn’t hesitate in processing the sale anyway, giving Jordan his items for free.

“As his dad went to look for it, I just processed the sale. I felt sorry for him,” she said.

While Jordan was stoked with the haul, his dad was especially grateful for the bigger lesson at play.

“They were able to give him something that I’ve been trying to give him his entire life and that’s the lesson of giving,” Steven said.

The family trekked down from their Logan home to thank the staff for their generosity and the owners gave Jordan some specially branded items that are not for sale in store on his return.

“It made me feel so happy,” Jordan said.

Well, there’s your feel good news for the week!

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