When is the proper time to take down your Christmas tree?

Is there a 'correct' day?

With Christmas Day behind us for another year, many will be champing at the bit to return the house to its normal pre-Christmas state. Others will be reluctant to take down the Christmas tree and decorations, and accept that it’s all over.

But is there a ‘correct’ and officially recognised day on which you should take down the tree? A quick and very unofficial office poll has some of us believing it’s bad luck to have the tree up after New Year’s Day, while others consider it ominous to take it down too early. We decided to settle the debate – and who better to get the truth from than the church, right?

So. According to Christianity the 12th night (12 days after Christmas) represents the true end of the festive period – making January 5 or January 6 the correct day to take down the tree.

For the Church of England, January 5 marks the twelfth night, although other Christian groups believe January 6 is correct – because it is the 12th day after Christmas. We guess you can go with whichever one you prefer.

You’re welcome.

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