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Pam Corkery marks massive milestone

The media personality has ended Dry July announcing she is seven years sober.
Pam Corkery marks massive milestone

There have been some cha-cha-changes for the mother-of-two since joining the show. As well as dance practice, she's been going to Pilates and yoga classes.

Most of us might get to the end of Dry July with barely a month’s ‘sobriety’ under our belts. But, if you’re Pam Corkery, you mark the month’s closing by announcing that you’re seven years sober.

Pam, who has been very open about her journey of recovery from alcoholism, acknowledged her recovery milestone this morning on social media.

Her post said she’d gotten up early to make this special day “extra long” and at seven years alcohol and drug free, she was living a life she never would have imagined.

“I am up early to make Just For this Today extra long. Seven years alcohol and other drug free and a life beyond my wildest dreams. So grateful to my family for their understanding and support, and forgiveness of my behaviour. And to my fellow travellers for loving me when I couldn’t love myself,” the Facebook post read.

While she’s been outspoken in the media about her recovery journey, she put her money where her mouth was last year by nominating her Dancing With The Stars’ charity of choice as Higher Ground Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Trust.

Despite Pam and her partner, Matt Tatton Brown being eliminated after four weeks on the show, Pam’s new found humility shone through, with her declaration she’d made the effort for “all the addicts”.

She told Stuff: “I would have liked to show not only can we recover, we can actually dance.”

“I haven’t entirely pulled off the latter part.”

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