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A bear walks into a guy’s backyard, drinks a margarita and takes a dip in his jacuzzi – and we’re fur real!

Now there's a bear who knows how to unwind.
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What do you do when a bear walks into your backyard, drinks your margarita, then takes a dip in your jacuzzi?

Sounds like we’re telling you a joke but if you’re waiting for the punch line, this happened for real to a guy in California.

Mark Hough had just sat down with his Friday afternoon margarita when he heard rustling in the nearby bushes to his Altadena, California, backyard.

When he got up to investigate he found that “lo and behold there’s a bear climbing up over my fence.”

Over the course of the afternoon the bear popped in several times to knock over and drink Hough’s abandoned margarita, take a dip in his pool and get comfy in the jacuzzi, jet streams on.

Hough recorded video of some of the bear’s antics.

“He was playing having a grand old time,” he said. About an hour afterward he saw the bear sleeping in a tree – clearly completely relaxed after what can only be described as the perfect afternoon.

Bear sightings are not uncommon in the area as it straddles urban and wooded parts. Despite Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Joana Warren saying the department received six bear-sighting calls that Friday, they didn’t find the bear, who had eventually wandered off after waking from its nap.

What can we say? Bears just wanna have fun!

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