Menopause and sex-drive

Menopause isn't a negative experience for all women.

Dear Wendyl,

Everything I’ve read about menopause tells me you go off sex, get grumpy and life is awful, yet that’s not happening to me. I’m going through it, and my periods have stopped. And yet I constantly think about having sex, and I’m really happy. My husband is overjoyed, but my friends think I’m kidding myself.

Happy Helen, Auckland

Dear Happy Helen,

Of course this is normal. What isn’t normal is the amount of negative information you can find about menopause, when for many women it is a time of great freedom and a very natural process. Some have a terrible time, but others, and I’m one of them, look forward to a life free of periods and children and to having time to do the things you’ve always wanted to. So enjoy this and tell your grumpy friends that not all menopause experiences have to be negative.

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