14 things that every cat owner does but won’t admit to

Come on, we know you've had a meow conversation with your kitty.
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Cats have a way of influencing and controlling you – and once you have a cat, it’s not long before you begin exhibiting common behaviours of a ‘cat owner’.

You won’t realise at first – not until someone points it out to you. But by then you’ll already be so completely besotted by your kitty that you won’t even care. You won’t even care if she doesn’t like you. She has got you, hook, line and sinker, and you will forevermore try to please her.

Here are 14 of the most common behaviours of a cat owner. Don’t deny them – we know you do these things. Don’t worry – we do them too.

1 Call your cat so they’ll come into the room, just so you can tell them how cute they are.

2 Refer to yourself as ‘Mum’ even though you know they are a completely different species of animal to you.

3 Tell them it’s bedtime and expect them to follow you into your room – they won’t.

4 Ask them where they’ve been when they suddenly appear, as if they’re going to give you a detailed account of their adventures.

5 Not sit in a particular chair because your cat is already sleeping there and looks so comfortable.

6 Speak to them in a voice that is only reserved for them and that is so cutesy and high-pitched, it even annoys your mother.

7 Answer their meows in the same tones and conduct entire meow conversations.

8 Teeter on the edge of your bed all night, even though you’re completely uncomfortable and dying to change position, because your cat is sprawled out in the middle and you don’t want to disturb her.

9 Kiss their face even though you just saw them licking their butt fur.

10 Show your cat herself in the mirror and ask “Who’s that?! That’s you!” as she struggles to escape.

11 Buy her food from the deli section that’s more expensive (and delicious) than your own.

12 Inform them of your movements: “Mum’s just going out for a bit, back soon.” (They don’t care.)

13 Let them walk/lie all over your keyboard, even though they’re ruining your PowerPoint presentation.

14 Wake up in the middle of the night and reach out for them… and when you realise they’re not there, go look for them.

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