Here's why your cat keeps lying on your stuff

Ever tried doing paperwork with a cat around? Nightmare.

cats are bastards
Cats are certainly creatures of comfort, and certainly enjoy a good lie down.
Indeed with some of our feline friends getting 16 hours of sleep day, chances are you'll find yours napping in various nooks throughout the house.
But what is it about their obsession with seeking out the book we're reading/paperwork we're doing/laptop we're working on, and just plonking themselves right across it?
Apparently, this isn't just cats showing their bastard nature, but actually an adorable display of how much they like you.
First things first, cats are territorial, and so lying on your things is a way of saying: 'This is my space too.'
Chances are, your cat will mark your stuff too by rubbing its cheeks and paws all over it.
Secondly, cats are born attention seekers. They know what's important to you and will seek it out in order to grab your attention away from it.
One cat owner tested this theory by placing dummy books around the house, only to see the cat was only interested in the one she was actually reading.
Thirdly, cats like to feel safe, and being near you or in tight spaces makes them feel protected (hence why they love boxes so much.)
As Business Insider's video here explains "they're cryptic animals, the like to hide."
"They can get into that box and they can't be approached from the side or the back where they're not aware of it."
Finally, cats like to be warm (creatures of comfort, remember). They know you emit heat, and that if you're nearby you'll probably give them a cuddle or stroke them.
So there you have it - an explanation for catty behaviour.