What’s your style?

Discovering your inner interior decorator - just look inside.

My decorating style, in the words of one of my favourite interior designers Jonathan Adler, is “happy chic”. I love bright colours and will try any combination at least once. Here’s a guide to your decorating personality.


You’re safe, yet stunning. Eschewing the white so beloved by minimalists, you choose colours that are rich and warm, with complementary statement accessories adding interest to otherwise dull corners. Your room is a calming haven no matter what season, and family and friends find it a comfortable place to gather.


This person believes small details are a vital ingredient if the end product is to be pleasing. You’ll never find mismatched plates and cups in this house. Somehow it always looks as though it has just jumped off the pages of a glossy, monthly home magazine. Friends are always keen to attend functions in the elegant decorator’s home, where they know they’ll be treated like visiting royalty!


You’re a confident character who will happily take risks. While many would find these striped chairs far too brash, you find them exciting! What’s more, you’ve gone

a step further by selecting another chair in the brightest canary yellow imaginable. Whether others actually like this room or not, they’ll never accuse it of lacking drama.


Classic comfort is the mantra of this decorator. Soft colours, pretty patterns and pre-loved treasures create a gentle and embracing environment where life is quiet and peace reigns. This decorator haunts flea markets and junk stores, looking for tiny treasures to fill every corner. She has a knack for combining them in a quiet, warm way.


Those of you who embrace minimalism do so in order to free your mind for higher pursuits. You believe that less is more, so you seek out simple items of high quality

and take pleasure in their form and orderliness. White is the perfect canvas for this style of decorating. Clean and crisp, it reflects the light and sets off your surroundings perfectly.

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