Six interior design trends we will see in 2024

The trends we will see throughout the year
Zellige tiles interior design trends

What interior design trends will we see over the year?

We’ve all heard of quiet luxury, maximalist décor and Hamptons chic, but as we move through this year, home décor and interior design trends are more about self-expression and allowing your home to reflect how you want to feel.

Zellige tiles

These hand-cut Moroccan mosaic tiles aren’t new – they’ve been a staple material for centuries – but the rest of the world is suddenly taking notice. While traditionally laid in intricate mosaic patterns, modern designers are choosing to use zellige in a single hue – the slight variations in colour saturation and texture of the handmade tiles give a sense of movement that machine-made tiles can’t match. While zellige tiles in neutral tones look amazing, the best effect is achieved with gorgeously colourful glazes.

Coloured ceilings

Pass on plain white and treat the “fifth wall” to a stunning colour treatment. Coloured ceilings add a graphic statement to a room and can help create intimate spaces. A pop of ceiling colour – as bold or subtle as you like – teamed with all white walls adds a layer of personality and character, as well as a base to work with for your accessories.

Grey coloured ceiling

Statement floors

Plain concrete, tiles and timber are making way for scene-stealing compositions. Evoke a sense of European grandeur with patterned tile arrangements in natural stone or get playful with coloured concrete. Eye-catching rugs also do the trick if redoing flooring is too big a job – look for bold patterns or curved and irregular shapes.

Colour drenching

An interior design trend that gained traction in 2023 and looks set to continue in 2024, colour drenching involves using the same colour across all surfaces in a room – think matching drapes, furniture and cabinetry, plus painting walls, trims and doors in the same hue. It’s a great option for smaller spaces, creating calm and cosy rooms.

Perfect match: Commit to a colour scheme and paint away!

Heritage luxe

We’re loving materials that hark back to simpler times, from the velvet, bouclé and corduroy of the ’70s to the burnished brass, marble and intricately inlaid timber of the Art Deco era. Don’t be afraid to mix items from different eras, but this will be more successful if the pieces are bespoke design and share common elements.

“The familiarity of heritage references offers subliminal recognition to comfort us in what feels like an increasingly challenging world,” says designer Madeline Morton. “The look is a mash-up of past eras and a celebratory mood that encompasses gilded surfaces, inlaid details and playful finishes.” Look out for materials that are decadent and a little unique.

Seeing red

This fiery hue has been on the shelf for years, but red looks set to move from wallflower to scene-stealer again. Whether used sparingly or wall to wall, red has undeniable main character energy, which Resene marketing manager Karen Warman suggests we embrace.

“There is nothing quite like using red as part of a full-throttle, colour-drenched look, where virtually every surface of a space gets steeped in one or more variations of this unmissable hue – especially when lush velvet textiles get added to the mix,” says Karen, who recommends rich wine reds like Resene Pohutukawa, Resene Aroha, and Resene Incarnadine.

If you’re looking to dip a tentative toe into the world of red, Karen says using earthy brick red can bring depth to an airy palette of cream, beige, pink and blue-green. “Just be sure to pick the projects you use red in carefully and pay close attention to how you light them,” she adds.

Red brings a sense of drama to any space.

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