The cleaning mistakes that are making your house more dirty

Three cleaning experts reveal the common mistakes that could be undoing all your hard work.
Cleaning experts

Cleaning experts

Cleaning experts

Are there some cleaning tasks that, no matter how often you do them, never seem to have the desired effect?

Queen of Clean author Linda Cobb alongside fellow cleaning experts and authors Laura Dellutri and Donna Smallin, have revealed to My Domaine the common mistakes people often make when it comes to housework.

  1. Cleaning windows when it’s sunny.

According to the experts, cleaning window panes on sunny days is a rookie error. This is because the glass cleaner will dry much faster, meaning you’ll probably be left with streaks before you can get to them. You’re better off doing this chore on an overcast day or in the evening, and let’s be honest – who wants to be cleaning when the sun is out?

2.Bad stacking

There’s usually one member of the family who’s pretty anal about how the dishwasher is stacked. Those people would be right, say the experts. If you haven’t stacked the washer with thought, water and suds won’t be able to get to the dirt, and you’ll have to put it through second time.

3.Not using vacuum attachments

All those bits and bobs that come with your new vacuum have a purpose, and they’re really there to help you. This is especially true if you have pets, say the experts. You should use the attachments to collect fur first, to prep the room. Otherwise when you begin to vacuum normally you’ll just be pushing dirt from room to room.

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