Keep out the Cold

Help combat the seasonal change with this easy-to-make draught excluder

Draughts can be kept at bay with this excluder, that can also add a dash of colour. Author Nicki Trench has the lowdown: “Strips of fabric are joined together to form a long sausage shape, which is then filled with stuffing to help keep your home cosy and warm.”

Extracted with kind permission from \’A Passion for Quilting\’ by Nicki Trench (Cico Books, $29.95). Available from

1 Cut strips of fabric in varying widths each 38cm long. Move them around until you are happy with the arrangement. With right sides together and starting at one end, pin and stitch two of the strips together. Press the seam open.

2 Continue to join the strips in this way, pressing the seams open as you go. To add the bobble fringe, lay a length of it along one raw edge of fabric on the right side and tack it in position. Lay the next strip into this with right sides together and machine stitch. The finished panel should be about 85cm long, although you may wish to make a longer version for a wider door. Add more strips when required.

3 Pin and stitch lengths of ribbon randomly along the seams, trimming the ends to neaten them. Fold the fabric in half, right sides together. Pin and machine stitch along all three sides (not the folded side), leaving an opening of about 15cm. Trim the corners and turn right side out. Press.

4 Fill the cover with stuffing, pushing it into the corners and spreading it evenly inside. Hand stitch the opening closed.


Try to buy cotton stuffing rather than synthetic, as it is much weightier. If this is unavailable, put some dried beans or rice inside with the stuffing to make it heavier.

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