Is this the world’s most organised home?

Meet the queen of labels.

Meet “professional organiser” Alejandra Costello.

The 31-year-old has made a name for herself with her incredible decluttering and tidying skills. In fact, she was once dubbed one of the five most organised people in America.

Alejandra claims that when “your organising system is more fun, it can inspire you to maintain and keep up” with keeping things tidy.

From a battery box to the world’s most organised wardrobe, take a look at how Alejandra organises her own home.

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This is the battery box – including a “dead battery recycling box”.

Why not cut out cooking instructions and attach them to your jars.

Alejandra’s tea draw makes her “really calm” when she looks at it.

Her pantry is indeed a masterclass in organisation. There is a draw for everything – and there’s a big one for chips.

In her pantry, which has the theme (yes, really!) of “feeling homey”, Alejandra uses a tiered shelf so she can see everything.

Her organisation workshop is a stationery-lovers dream.

The master wardrobe is organised by category and then by colour.

And there are labelled drawers for everything.

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