Inside Obama’s last White House Christmas

Barack and Michelle’s decorations are so perfect.

The Obamas are about to celebrate their final Christmas in the White House and the decorations are absolutely incredible.

“This year’s holiday theme, The Gift of the Holidays, reflects on not only the joy of giving and receiving, but also the true gifts of life, such as service, friends and family, education, and good health, as we celebrate the holiday season,” a press release from the White House read.

Click through to see their spectacular trees and some amazing work from a team of LEGO Master Builders…

A team of LEGO Master Builders from Connecticut spent 500 hours designing and building the gingerbread decorations for the State Dining Room. 50 gingerbread houses represent the 50 states!

There are even ginormous LEGO replicas of the family dogs, Bo and Sunny!

And here’s the trees arriving. Just wait until you see them in all their glory…

There are even trees at the entrance.

Have you ever seen a more magical corridor?

This is a gingerbread replica of the White House. It was made with “150 pounds of gingerbread on the inside, 100 pounds of bread dough on the outside frame, 20 pounds of gum paste, 20 pounds of icing, and 20 pounds of sculpted sugar pieces.”

And gingerbread men are a recurring theme…

How pretty are these trees?

And these three others!

The perfect Christmas scene.

So festive!


Here’s the main event. We wish our tree could be half as spectacular.

We hope the Obamas have a wonderful last Christmas in the White House! Click through to hear Barack Obama discuss his daughters dating.

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Barack Obama on his daughters dating

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