How to make your own kids tent

Your kids will have it made in the shade with this fun tent
How to make a kids tent

Get your kids outside these holidays, but keep them cool and covered with this easy- to-construct A-frame tent. No sewing machine or power tools required.


What you’ll need

5 x 150cm garden stakes from your local garden centre

Twine or string


2 single or king single-sized sheets

7m of ribbon (cut into 14 x 50cm lengths)

14 small safety pins (or a needle and thread)


Step 1:

Push the ends of two garden stakes into the ground in a “V” shape and lash them together at the top using the twine.


Step 2:

Repeat with another two stakes, then lay the last one in the “V” at the top and tie it on as well. Arrange the stakes so that the poles all line up and are straight up and down (not on a lean), and ensure they are firmly pushed into the ground.


Step 4.

Place one of the sheets over the frame and safety pin (or sew) a piece of ribbon to the bottom corner at ground level. Tie it around the steak, then tie it into a bow. Repeat with the other pieces of ribbon at the top and down the sides of the stakes to secure the sheet

to the frame. You choose which way works best!


Step 5.

Cover the ground in the tent with the other sheet, add cushions and toys, then let your little ones’ imaginations run wild!

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