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Transform your look with accessories

I’m not really sure how to wear accessories. Are there any rules?


Accessories can update or transform an otherwise boring outfit, for minimum effort. Start to stock up on inexpensive belts, scarves and jewellery, buying a few new bits each season, so you will always look modern. You should also ensure you have a good collection of day and evening bags to suit any occasion.

  • Make sure accessories are in scale with your body – huge items can dwarf smaller women, while tiny, delicate ones can make a tall or large person look bigger.

  • Team flashy, busy earrings and belts with streamilined, simple outfits.

  • Use accessories to draw attention to a part of your body that you like, such as your eyes or waist.

  • Never over-accessorize – for maximum impact stick to one or two items at a time.

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