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Workplace crush

Dear Wendyl,

my co-worker sits two desks away and spends her entire day working out how she can interrupt me for a chat. One minute it’s a picture on her iPhone, then it’s a joke, or she stares at me across the office. My colleagues tease me and say she’s flirting, but I’ve never given a sign that I like her.

How do I get her to stop?

Steve, via email

Dear Steve,

there’s no doubting this girl has the hots for you and there are two ways you can deal with it:

1) Ignore her. Stop her before she thrusts the iPhone in your face and say, “Sorry, really busy, go away.” Keep it up and she won’t like you very much but you’ll get rid of her.

2) Or you go to HR, make it a harassment issue and let them deal with it. My preference would be to just ignore her.

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