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The health food trend that caused one woman to gain 14kgs

Read this before ordering your next morning coffee.

There’s barely a health-food trend that hasn’t intrigued us. From the Keto Diet to the superfood of the month, we’ve tried and tested them all.

So when one beauty editor shared her story of unexpected weight-gain, 14kg to be exact, after succumbing to the promises of one particular health-food trend, we just had to know what it was.

“Ever since starting my new job as a beauty editor, I’ve watched in dismay as my body changed before my very eyes,” Rebecca Norris wrote in an article published on NBC News.

“I used to step on the scale and see the same steady numbers; I now wince at the weight gain that I’ve steadily packed on since accepting my job.”

Despite being told by others that she carries the weight well, Norris’ confidence was crushed, plus she was so confused by what had actually caused the weight gain as she admits she tries her best to make health conscious decisions and eats a balanced diet. So why now?

As always, mum knows best and after questioning her daughter’s eating habits, the culprit was exposed.

“‘Haven’t you been drinking your matcha with coconut milk every day?’ she asked.”

“I rolled my eyes. Initially, I didn’t understand why she needed to know about my morning beverage choices.”

“But as I sat listening, it clicked.”

By coincidence, one of Norris’ mother’s co-workers, had the same taste for matcha lattes with coconut milk and oddly enough, he too had been gaining serious weight. After speaking with a nutritionist, he discovered that coconut milk – which so many believe is a super healthy swap – is only a good choice in moderation.

“I love matcha, there’s no denying it,” says Norris of the Japanese drink.

Matcha is a powdered green tea, synonymous with the Instragram wellness set. It is praised for its unique class of immunity-boosting antioxidants that aren’t found in any other foods.

While matcha wasn’t specifically causing Norris to gain weight, the silent offender was the coconut milk.

“Hearing that coconut milk was considered by some to be a healthier alternative to cow’s milk, I felt like I was making a healthy decision by starting each and every day for the past seven months with coconut-infused green goodness,” said Norris.

Wanting to know more, the beauty editor contacted Bonnie Taub-Dix, author of Read It Before You Eat It.

Taub-Dix told her that coconut is one of those foods that seems super beneficial with its “health halo”, but that comes from recent findings about saturated fat.

“We used to think eating saturated fat was like eating poison; now it seems like it may not be as bad as we thought – but that doesn’t mean it’s always good for us.” Taub-Dix explained to Norris.

“After doing some research, I found that my beloved coconut matcha latte contained about 190 calories and 7 grams of saturated fat – putting me halfway towards my daily intake before I even arrived at the office,” explained Norris.

Now, as advised by Taub-Dix, Norris mixes her matcha with almond milk, which drops her morning beverage calorie intake to about 80 calories.

“In the end, I learned that you shouldn’t jump on a fad just because other people are doing it,” wrote the beauty editor.

“Because it really depends so much on your individual lifestyle and body”

Please excuse us while we research every single superfood in our kitchens…

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