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Eating out

If you’re dining out on a diet, this handy quiz can help you learn what to eat and what to avoid.

1. You’ve been looking forward to brunch all week, but know you’re prone to cafe blowouts. Which has the least kilojoules?

A. Pancakes with banana and maple syrup

B. Toasted muesli with yoghurt

C. Bacon and scrambled Eggs

Answer: C.

Believe it or not, classic bacon and eggs is your best bet because it’s so high in protein, you’ll stay full for most of the day. Watch our for the carb overload in the pancakes, fruit and syrup, as well as hidden sugars in the toasted muesli (it’s probably served with full-fat yoghurt, making it the worst of the lot).

2. You’re having a night off from cooking and treating the family to dinner at the local pub. Which main is best?

A. Steak and chips

B. Beef nachos with guacamole

C. Chicken parmigiana and coleslaw

Answer: A.

Steak and chips wins hands down, even though the chips aren’t a particularly good choice. The parmigiana has a fried breadcrumb coating and more mayonnaise in the salad than you’d ever suspect. And did you realise that nachos have three types of fat – melted cheese, guacamole and sour cream? Yikes!

3. It’s Friday night and you’re meeting friends for a post-work drink. Which has the least kilojoules?

A. Vodka, lime and soda

B. Glass of champagne

C. Glass of dry red wine

Answer: A.

As long as you stick to fresh lime rather than lime cordial, a vodka soda won’t stop you from fitting into your skinny jeans. There’s not much difference between red and bubbles, because all varieties of wine tend to be high in sugar – swerve away from them altogether or stick to a single glass.

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