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10 celebrity diet tips

From the weird and wacky to the actually achievable, these stars have got plenty of tips and tricks to stay slim
Megan Fox and Heidi Klum

From the weird and wacky to the actually achievable, these stars have got plenty of tips and tricks to stay slim

Click through to find out what Miranda Kerr, Megan Fox, Jessica Simpson and others do to stay in shape!

Miranda Kerr

Aussie model Miranda Kerr starts off her day by drinking hot water with lemon. She’s also a fan of a daily cold-pressed ‘green’ juice, which she whips up with kale, spinach, cucumber and celery. Image: Instagram

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie reportedly follows the ‘ancient grains’ diet, which includes nuts and seeds such as quinoa, millet, chia seeds and buckwheat. Image: Getty


Beyonce and hubby Jay Z famously went on an all-vegan diet for 22 days straight, back in December 2013. Since then, her trainer told E! the singer is still keeping to “a mostly plant-based diet”. Image: Getty

Heidi Klum

Model and mum Heidi Klum made a resolution in 2013 to down a fruit and vegetable smoothie every morning – she says she even does it with her kids! Image: Getty

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a fan of vitamins and supplements, even posting a picture with her stash on Twitter last year. She’s also rumoured to be on the ‘M diet’, which works by substituting one meal per day with a dish based on mushrooms. Image: Getty

Megan Fox

Megan Fox’s top diet trick involves something you probably already have in your kitchen – apple cider vinegar! The actress reportedly drinks some before every meal, although experts disagree on how effective this is. Image: Getty

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is another star who went the vegan route, reportedly to help lose weight for her wedding to Eric Johnson. Image: Instagram

Adriana Lima

Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima has a pretty extreme pre-show routine! She reportedly drinks only protein shakes nine days before the show and avoids all liquids 12 hours before to get runway ready. She also works out regularly with a personal trainer. Image: Getty

January Jones

Mad Men actress January Jones – who gave birth to son Xander in 2011 – had her own placenta dried and turned into pills afterwards, which she ate along with her normal diet! Image: Getty

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes reportedly sticks to plenty of vegetables to stay slim – something that most nutritionists would agree with! Image: Getty

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