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Kate Cameron on post-childbirth exercises and anxiety-fighting belly breathing

Former Bachelorette Kate Cameron looks at different aspects of mental and physical health in episode one.
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Welcome to week one of Keeping It Together With Kate, the start of former Bachelorette Kate Cameron’s health and wellbeing journey.

In the above video Kate explores different aspects of stress, does a few post-childbirth exercises and learns about the benefits of dark veggies.

Not familiar with Kate? Kate first popped into our lives on season two of The Bachelor NZ and promptly became a fan favourite – perhaps it’s her down to earth nature or great sense of humour.

Shortly after the show ended, Kate found the love of her life: Brandon Hiini.

“Brandon and I met four days after I got off The Bachelor – you could say he was the silver lining at the end of a crazy ride,” she told Woman’s Day.

Kate discovered she was pregnant on a Friday afternoon, and later revealed she was expecting a baby girl.

“We are delighted to announce that we have a Baby Hiini due 3 August. Dreams really do come true,” Kate wrote on Instagram.

Kate and Brandon welcomed a daughter, Lucy Rose, in August 2017 and are currently planning a wedding.

While Kate is besotted with little Lucy, all these changes have meant that Kate has had less time to prioritise her own health and wellbeing.

But by ensuring she looks after her mental and physical health Kate can be the best mum, wife and version of herself possible.

In the first episode of Keeping It Together With Kate we start small.

The exercises we begin with are simple and consider the journey the core muscles and pelvic floor have been through during childbirth. As new mothers are often strapped for time, we’ve ensured these exercises are quick and can be done anywhere, too.

“Being out in the mall with Lucy… I don’t want to have slight bladder leakage, so anything that’s going to make my core stronger is going to be good!” says Kate.

This week personal trainer and founder of DediKate, Kate Ivey, takes us through the TVA Draw and Bridge exercises.

Kate Cameron and personal trainer Kate Ivey are ready to teach you some quick and easy exercises.

Next, we forward to an intriguing chat between Kate and clinical psychologist Jacqui Maguire.

Together they discuss a topic we know all too well: stress, and how to deal with it.

Jacqui explains tactics we can use to calm down when we feel the symptoms of stress becoming too much.

Later, we meet in Kate’s kitchen with registered dietitian and founder of Fearless Nutrition, Sylvia North, to discuss the benefits of dark leafy vegetables and how they can be incorporated in your diet.

Enjoy week one! Stay tuned for week two’s episode.

Missed Kate explaining why she decided to embark on a health and wellbeing journey? Catch her talking anxiety, fitness and nutrition in the video below.

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