Former Bachelorette Kate Cameron on prioritising her mental and physical health

Former The Bachelor NZ contestant Kate Cameron reveals why 2018 is the year she decided to put herself first.

You may know Kate Cameron from season 2 of The Bachelor NZ but you'll see a whole new side to her in Keeping It Together With Kate.
In one week Kate begins her wellness journey with the aim of feeling more energised, happier and less stressed.
But before we can begin, we should look at Kate's habits - the things that need changing.
In the above video Kate discusses her nutrition and exercise habits before she had her baby Lucy - including those client lunches that ended in a couple of empty wine bottles.
Join Kate and think about your own habits: are they healthy? Are there any aspects of your mental or physical health that could be improved with a bit of motivation?
Be as honest as you can and write down a few things you'd like to work on - the first step to improving your wellbeing is recognising problem areas.
Kate and baby Lucy.
Next week Kate talks to personal trainer and founder of DediKate, Kate Ivey, about two exercises (including our old primary school favourite: the bridge), discusses the benefits of leafy greens with registered dietitian Sylvia North and chats with clinical psychologist Jacqui Maguire about how to cope with stress.
The new series debuts on February 19 and explores different aspects of fitness, nutrition and mental health.
Missed last week's video? Watch it below.