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Former Bachelorette Kate Cameron welcomes baby

The reality TV star has given birth to her first child.

The Bachelor New Zealand star Kate Cameron has welcomed her first child, a little girl.
The former bachelorette took to social media this evening to share the exciting news.
"Lucy Rose Hiini arrived healthy and strong on Friday 4th of August at 12:33pm. Our house is full of love, tears, laughs, smiles, funny smells and lots of nappy changes! I am so blessed you chose us as your parents little Lucy, we love you to bit. Cute pics to follow soon," she wrote on her Instagram page.

Cameron revealed she was expecting her first child in January this year, with Christchurch cricketer Brandon Hiini.
“We are delighted to announce that we have a Baby Hiini due 3 August. Dreams really do come true,” she wrote at the time.

It’s been a whirlwind journey for Cameron, who appeared on Season 2 of The Bachelor competing for Jordan Mauger’s heart and met her handsome new beau shortly after leaving the show.
“Brandon and I met four days after I got off The Bachelor - you could say he was the silver lining at the end of a crazy ride,” Cameron, who works in advertising revealed..
“All my dreams have come true and our families are delighted. Having a baby is a miracle!”

Cameron, 30, blogged during her pregnancy, and detailed how she was initially told she was expecting a baby boy.
"The radiographer went quiet and paused. 'You should never have been told that. Because you’ve got a healthy baby girl'," she wrote.

"I know finding out the sex of your baby is such a personal decision. However, from my personal experience, I am so glad we did. It’s made for quite an interesting dinner time story and most importantly I can now talk to my baby using ‘her’ name. Not ‘his’ name. For me I’ve even started the process of imagining whether she will be a netball or soccer player. Will she even like pink? Will she snort when she laughs like I do? Will she have a sweet tooth like Brandon?
"And God help me, will she come to me one day asking to go on The Bachelor? I think I’ll just start imagining what the next year or so will bring, because if my mind wonders to far forward, I may put myself into an early labour!"