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Duchess Catherine’s favourite toning exercises and workout plan have been revealed

The Duchess of Cambridge sure does work hard for her toned body!
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Six months on from Prince Louis’ arrival, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is looking fit and fabulous. And it’s all down to her dietitian Louise Parker, who she first turned to after the birth of her eldest child Prince George in 2013.

So what’s to love about Louise? Her results, clearly – the Brit’s clients see visible weight-loss results in just a week! But just don’t call her simple program a ‘diet’.

“It’s about taking good care of yourself – living well,” Louise says. “Exercise is important, but there’s no need for long, high-intensity workouts.”

Her seven-step program is a tried and true regimen, thanks to a healthy and trim Kate.

“It’s not easy for people in the public eye,” says Louise. “Yes, they have the resources, the best support network, nutritionists, personal trainers and teams like us behind them, but ultimately they have still got to do the work, turn that switch on and get it done.”

Duchess Kate uses dietitian Louise Parker’s seven-step program to stay in tip-top shape!

Whether she’s pushing Louis’ pram around the palace gardens or chasing his elder siblings, Kate’s a big fan of exercise.

There is, however, one strengthening move that she does daily – the plank.

“There are three elements, the basic plank, the side plank and the prone sky dive, all of which are positions Kate can hold for 45 seconds or longer and repeat at least 10 times each,” says a royal insider. Louise notes, “We want our clients to enjoy their bodies and to have a life, too – not to be obsessing about what they eat or how they look. It’s about freedom from the obsession around dieting and body image.”

The insider adds, “Kate enjoys Pilates, too,” and can reveal that just like her new sister-in-law, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, the mother-of-three does yoga regularly, “which she adores. It keeps her supple.”

Whether you’re “almost army fitness level” like the Duchess, or need work heading into the summer months, Louise’s clients get serious results in seven days.

Duchess Kate has one strengthening move she uses daily – the plank!

“If you’ve got a high BMI, it may be that you drop down a dress size,” the celebrity dietitian reveals. “But if you’re already pretty lean, it’s just going to tighten everything up. The good news is that you can make a difference in that time,” she insists.

Fitness aside, tweaking your eating habits is also important. But you won’t be going hungry. A typical breakfast might be an omelette with feta, followed by goat’s cheese salad with beetroot and pine nuts for lunch, and a chilli prawn stir-fry for dinner.

Best of all, the plan is based on holistic, science-based advice.

“We want you feeling amazing and loving your new lifestyle,” Louise explains.

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Louise says that her seven-day method isn’t a crash diet, but simply a matter of tightening up a few eating and exercise habits to see results in as little as a week. “Once your new habits are set, your body will adapt and you won’t need to ‘diet’ again,” she explains.


Yep, that means everything – including fast food, alcohol and lollies – and those pesky hidden sugars that often lurk in sauces and other processed foods. “Flip the label and save yourself any misconceptions,” Louise says.


While it’s dangerous to eliminate salt completely, Louise says most people should halve their intake. “If I’m getting someone ready for awards season or an event, two to three days before, we reduce the salt,” she shares. “It’s incredible the difference it makes.”


Now’s the time to get experimenting with recipes, or try something new from the veggie aisle.

“Focus on heaps of vegetables in a rainbow of colours, and at least a couple of portions of fruit a day,” Louise advises. “If your mindset is on the good stuff, you’re less likely to focus on what you can’t have.”

“Focus on heaps of vegetables in a rainbow of colours, and at least a couple of portions of fruit a day.”


Drinking two to three litres a day will keep you hydrated, and prevent you from confusing thirst for hunger. But while keeping up your H2O levels is vital, Louise says don’t go to extremes.

“It can be dangerous and lead to hyponatremia,” she explains.


Louise says that you should aim for three meals, plus two snacks every day – and each of those should include some protein.

For snacks, try an apple with 12 almonds, some cottage cheese on a Ryvita, or two mini oatcakes with one tablespoon of peanut butter.


Ideally you should aim to work out for an hour for each day of your seven-day plan. Some of Louise’s favourite workouts include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), as well as squats, planks and side lunges.


“We see that clients who sleep well – seven to eight hours a night – will achieve great results,” Louise shares. If you have trouble nodding off, try switching off all screens at 9pm, or run a bath with lavender essential oil and magnesium salts.

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