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Meghan Markle’s approach to nutrition and fitness

Meghan shares her thoughts on health and wellbeing and reveals how she spends her downtime.
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If you’re in desperate need of some motivation to keep on going with your health and fitness goals, Meghan Markle‘s wellness advice is just what you need.

Markle might be taking on the duties of a duchess, but the former Suits actress makes time to look after her mind and body.

Meghan’s thoughts on fitness and exercise

Speaking to Shape, Meghan explained that it’s beneficial to find a workout you enjoy and isn’t something you do solely to achieve an appearance-based goal.

“I think you have to find a workout routine that really speaks to you beyond trying to get goals for your body.

“So for me running is like… I need it as much for my head and to clear my head as I do for keeping in shape because I love to jog, I do a lot of hot yoga, and then pilates.”

At the time of the interview, Meghan was working 14-hour days on the set of Suits and still making time to exercise (which makes us feel bad for skipping our morning run because we were ‘too tired.’)

If at this point you’re wondering where you can find the motivation to stick to a routine, you’re in luck, Meghan’s got advice for that too.

In an interview with Women’s Health 36-year-old Meghan explains how she stays motivated.

“My health, my state of mind, the feeling you have after a workout; all of these things drive me to step onto my mat or go to the gym. Sometimes the idea of working out sounds absolutely dreadful, but I always remind myself of how good it will feel afterward. Euphoric, almost!”

Image via Meghan’s now-deleted Instagram @meghanmarkle

On food and nutrition

Although Meghan says she’s a big foodie and loves to cook (again Meghan, making us feel bad for the pizza we ordered last night instead of using the groceries we just bought), she mentioned to Shape that she’s into clean eating.

“I definitely try to eat as clean as possible. I avoid the things that are going to make me feel lethargic and sluggish, I eat mostly fish and veggies.”

Need clean eating inspiration? Try adding both colourful and leafy green veggies to your grocery list and dark coloured fruits like berries and plums, which are packed full of antioxidants.

“But I am also a foodie, so on the weekend all bets off,” Meghan continued. “I think if you deprive yourself of anything you’re just going to crave it more, so for me it’s just finding that balance. Eating really well during the week and then treating yourself to whatever it is you want over the weekend.”

Apparently Meghan’s favourite treats are fries and a good wine.

Despite Meghan’s long hours, you won’t see Meghan reaching for a flat white to keep her going throughout the day.

“I think trying to go for coffee or things like that only end up hurting you at the end. So to get a really good natural source of energy I like a great green juice or even kombucha I’ll have sometimes, something that just gets right into your system to pick you up.”

Hmm… jury’s out on whether or not we’ll be giving up our afternoon coffee.

She might not be a coffee addict but Meghan loves a good wine. In fact, she named her now-defunct lifestyle blog The Tig after red wine Tignanello.

On relaxing and downtime

Meghan might be a busy royal family member soon, but that doesn’t mean she won’t make time to relax and rewind – she knows to prioritise self-care.

“I give myself the luxury of downtime,” she told Women’s Health. “We are all so incredibly busy and juggling so many things but I always take an hour to just decompress, watch mindless TV and enjoy a glass of wine. That’s all part of the investment. It’s a balance.”

Meghan is pretty much giving us permission to watch Sex and the City reruns, right?

She also said at a Reebok event: “Whether we care to admit it or not, we all have a finite amount of time to honour the days we have on earth and really push to achieve our potential and accomplish things we feel truly proud of.”

If that’s not motivating, I don’t know what is.

h/t Women’s Health and Shape.

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