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12 thoughts we all have at the gym

Ahhh the gym. So good but so much pain at the same time.

A lot of us have a love-hate relationship with our gym – particularly the classes.

We may love how we feel after a group fitness class or hefty sweat session but question whether we really need abs when putting in the grunt work.

But despite whether we need to drag ourselves to the gym or bound out of bed for our morning workout, when pushing our bodies to the limit we generally have a few thoughts running through our minds…

I should’ve slept in

Could still be in comfy bed right now…

I can feel sweat… everywhere

Sweaty face, sweaty back, sweaty pits and sticky boobs.

It’s 6.30am, why are there so many people in this class?!

Surely no one really wants to be up this early?

Man, I hate cardio

Do we have to?

OMG it’s only been ten minutes

Surely it’s been at least half an hour?

You said ’30 seconds to go’ 30 seconds ago

Nope, we’re done now!

I hope no one notices it was me that farted in yoga

Sometimes it’s hard to hold in flatulence after a few poses, go easy on yourself and pretend it wasn’t you.

I think I’ve earned a bagel for breakfast now

Or ‘have I worked off that brioche I ate yesterday?’

Can they stop showing off now?

There’s always one person at the front of group exercise classes that may as well just teach it they’re that good.

Have I always been this unfit?

Surely I can lift this weight? And I thought I could last longer on the treadmill…

Thinking you look pretty good in the mirror

Sometimes there’s no denying it.

I am a health goddess

That after workout feeling is the best!

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