The benefits of an oil-infused moisturiser

Leave your skin smooth, hydrated and lightly fragranced

You can transform daily moisturising into an uplifting experience with Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturisers.

With fragrances specially created to invigorate the senses, these body moisturisers deeply hydrate and revitalise your skin.

A group of New Zealand women looking for new ways to make their skin look better tried Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturisers during a product test.

Afterwards, 90 per cent of the women said they would continue using it!*

“The fragrance was the nicest I’ve used in scented body moisturiser,” says Chelsea from Auckland.*

The participants loved the luxurious fragrances and the non-greasy formula, with 92 per cent agreeing they would recommend it to family and friends!*

The apothecary-style bottle looks beautiful, with eight in 10 women saying they would be happy for it to be visible in the home.*

Each of the three fragrances offers its own moment of luxury: Jasmine with Avocado Oil smooths and moisturises, Rose with Macadamia Oil uplifts and repairs while Citrus with Jojoba Oil stimulates and rejuvenates.

A luxurious addition to your beauty routine, Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser leaves your skin smooth, hydrated and lightly fragranced – simply let your senses choose from the three beautiful fragrances.

“I felt like I was connecting with nature through the beautiful aroma!” Sheila from Auckland*

“It gave me a nice glow without being greasy. It reminded me of my 20-year-old-self skin!” Penny from Christchurch*

90% of women who tried Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturisers said they would continue using it as part of their beauty routine!*

*All Woman Talk. Colgate Palmolive Oil Infusions. Product Test July 2016 n=88

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