Beauty founder Nina Gajic shares her struggles with sensitive skin

The Sydney entrepreneur shares her journey to happy, healthy skin
Skin Virtue founder Nina Gajic
Skin Virtue founder Nina Gajic.

Nina Gajic is the inspiring founder of Skin Virtue, a leading Australian skincare brand catering to people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Nina’s path to establishing her skincare brand stems from her personal battle with irritable and sensitive skin. Initially working in the marketing industry, Nina’s struggles with problematic skin became a catalyst for a change in careers.

“Growing up in Australia during the 1970s, I believed in the mantra of “squeaky clean” skin”, she recalls. This belief led her to over-wash her skin multiple times a day, resulting in years of suffering from irritated and sensitive skin. Nina’s condition became so severe that even impure water would trigger hives on her face.

Nina Gajic’s path to founding Skin Virtue stems from her personal battle with irritable and sensitive skin.

After trying countless products and exhausting traditional dermatological solutions without success, Nina recognised a void in the skincare market for products tailored to sensitive skin.

Determined to make a difference for herself and others facing similar issues, she embarked on a relentless mission. It took over a decade of work, research and learning — including a return to university to immerse herself in the science of cosmetic chemistry.

While Sydney is Nina’s home base, Skin Virtue’s products are formulated in an Italian laboratory, where an ensemble of dermatologists, cosmetic scientists and biochemists develop and manufacture the brand’s products.

If you’re wondering how Skin Virtue products work, they’re designed to fortify the skin’s natural barrier, acting as a bodyguard to retain moisture and protect against external irritants, bacteria and allergens.

Skin Virtue’s Super Clear collection is developed for oily and combination skin types, helping to achieve a clear and calm complexion.

All Skin Virtue products are non-comedogenic, anti-irritating and anti-allergen, making them an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin and conditions like eczema and rosacea. They are also designed to minimise the risk of clogged pores and are suitable for all skin types.

“Many of our customers want a product that truly puts moisture back in their skin, reduces redness and produces that youthful glow, which we can help with”, shares Nina.

As for the feedback from customers, the general consensus is that the products work. “The feedback we get is incredible and has made this journey worth every minute”, says Nina, attributing this success to the brand’s simple three-step approach to rebuilding and nourishing the skin barrier, customising formulations for specific skin issues, and supporting skin cell longevity.

Skin Virtue’s Pure Nourish collection is formulated for normal to dry skin types, improving the quality of dull, dehydrated and tight skin.

Skin Virtue products are made in Udine, in northeast Italy. It took Nina and the team over ten years of research, testing and re-testing to perfect its unique formulations.

Nina’s top skincare tip is all about understanding your individual skin type. She explains that “skin types are genetically determined — you are born with the skin you are in — but many women do not understand how to identify skin types, which can make it confusing when choosing products”.

To cater to these differences, Skin Virtue is divided into three product ranges targeting distinct skin types. The Super Clear collection targets oily or combination skin, the Pure Nourish collection is for normal and dry skin, and the Future Advanced collection caters to all skin types while focusing on aging skin concerns.

Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced collection is developed for all skin types, designed to correct and prevent skin ageing.

When asked about common skincare mistakes and how to avoid them, Nina reiterates not to over-cleanse your skin. Another common oversight is neglecting to apply SPF every day — this is crucial not only to prevent skin cancer but also to slow down aging and minimise the formation of fine lines. Lastly, Nina advises against mixing products from skincare brands, warning that the ingredients may clash.

Nina’s journey is a powerful testament to her tenacity and resolve. Her struggle with sensitive skin not only led her to find a solution but enabled her to aid countless others on their path to clear, nourished skin.

To discover more, shop the Skin Virtue range at or Adore Beauty. You can also book a complimentary skin consultation with Nina here.

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