Make up artist creates incredible look from food

Raychel Newton shows followers how to get a "face full of food."
Face full of make up

Face full of make up

Run out of blush just before a big night out? Need a boost of colour but not a lipstick in sight? Rather than cancel your plans and hide your un made up face from the world, the answer to your cosmetic woes could lie in your kitchen.

Make-up artists are constantly coming up with new tips and tricks to help streamline our beauty regime, and now one expert from Arizona, US, has detailed how she creates a full make-up look from things she found in her pantry.

Raychel Newton debuts her “face full of food” make up challenge on her Instagram page, and we can’t stop watching.

Calling the tutorial “a bit ridiculous but hilariously fun,” Raychel is proof that make-up doesn’t have to be taken 100% seriously.

The “make-up maven” demonstrates how to pencil in brows with cocoa powder, highlight with honey, contour with chocolate, blush with jelly powder, and stain lips with beetroot.

And while many of us might not be rushing to slather our faces in chocolate, it makes for pretty entertaining watching – and proves that sometimes it’s not the products themselves that make a difference, but the tools and skills in applying them.

Here’s a list of what she uses to create the look:

Eyeshadow: cacao powder, butter, honey, mac’n’cheese powder, coffee grounds.

Powder/Bronzer: cacao powder.

Highlighter: icing sugar.

Contour: Snickers chocolate bar, blended.

Blush: strawberry jelly crystals.

Lip stain: a halved beetroot.

Lip gloss: coconut oil.

You can watch the full version of the video below.

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