Low-maintenance hairstyles are trendy again

Ditch your straighteners: textured hair is back in style.

Say goodbye to straightened hair and high-maintanence colour – this summer it’s all about effortless style.

Think early 70s LA, or Farrah Fawcett and Stevie Nicks – with textured hair, lots of movement and lived-in colour making for an easy transition from brunch to beach to bar without the hassle of having to re-do your do.

There’s even a relaxed attitude towards the common summer hair ailment – fluffy textures are being worn on the streets of New York with the new blow dry being decidedly unfussy.

“I just woke up hair is incredibly sexy,” notes Gene Cooksley, founder and owner of Takapuna salon Oscar & Co. “Hair painting is the absolute go-to for healthy hair with no dramatic regrowth,” explains Gene.

“Replacing old fashioned foils, this free-hand technique allows a bespoke look that enhances your natural beauty. Shadow toning at the roots perfects this personalisation by creating movement and depth, giving multi-dimensional colour.”

Add to this free flowing look is the IT cut – the new shag.

Updated with a longer fringe and softer silhouette, the modern shag is more versatile and wearable.

You can go from soft to extreme with this style but either way this is a statement haircut that’s a liberating progression from the long layer look that we’ve seen for so long.

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