The summer hair update everyone’s adopting

Hair in need of a change?

By Megan Bedford
It's the image-overhaul itch you're least expecting. After weeks of drab weather, the sun comes out, outfits get abbreviated and suddenly your hair looks all wrong.
You want to change it up, but a big chop seems a little hasty. Short of a colour conversion, which is also risky for commitment-phobes (not to mention pricey if you've got mermaid-like length), we have the answer.
Cut in the season's most-wanted: a fringe.
Far from A-list only, we know you're feeling it too. Blame it on Alexa, but Pinterest reports the term 'curtain bangs' - the northern hemisphere term for a divided fringe - has been seriously trending in the last couple of months.
If you're the type that spend months growing out a cut only to insist you want it again, you'll be psyched to know the graduated face-framer sits somewhere in the middle length-wise. Since it's layered to flow into the rest of your hair, it's easy to disguise if you're experiencing post-cut regret.
It's not the only fringe front and centre though. Lash-grazing trims of all types are appearing everywhere from major beauty campaigns to the fashion week runways.
While the popularity of clip-ins means we can't claim they're in it for the long haul, celebrities are plenty to blame for making us ask our stylist to start snipping.
Curtain bangs:
The style involves embracing a centre-part and a long, soft fringe that grazes the eyebrows before fanning out towards your ears. It's a little bit Bardot, but with more defined separation in the centre.
The best part is that it's super low maintenance, as long as you're starting with straight hair or softly waves. After the initial cut you won't need to trim it often, it'll look great as it grows and if you get over it, it'll blend back into your longer hair before you know it.
If you're really unconvinced, it's easy enough to blend by blow-drying off the face or securing back with a jewel clip.
Blunt fringe:
The shine, the razor-sharp, lash-grazing length - it's a compelling option, given it's also the one all the cool girls are rocking and it suits all manner of hair lengths, from an angular bob (complete with platinum dye job) to long, effortless and air-dried.
The downside is, unless you are willing to do battle with a blow dryer and straighter daily – something that gets even more challenging as the weather heats up - you'll need fairly straight hair to start with.
You'll also need to be confident with a comb and scissors or commit to popping into the salon every 2-4 weeks for a trim to keep its sharp shape.
Wispy fringe:
The easiest to style as it doesn't need to be razor sharp, a wispy fringe can also be styled to either side and doesn't always need a blow-dry – a tousle of the fingers through damp hair to separate is usually enough.
Can veer slightly into America's Sweetheart circa 2005 territory, but side-swept fringes are a useful styling device while growing out or switching up one of the styles above.
To style, add a touch of styling lotion and direct a blow dryer from the top down, angling hair first one way and then the other before combing to one side and leaving to cool.