5 ways to get your bikini line ready for summer

Avoid a hairy situation.
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Summer is here. Think long days, sunshine, sand and… swimsuits.

Along with a good body brushing and faux glow, hair removal is key for rocking togs with confidence, so follow our options below to deal to yours.

There’s a solution to suit all budgets, time frames and pain thresholds.


The quickest and most painless option of the lot. Razors have come a long way, with many now made with built-in moisturisers and even handy trimming kits attached.

Besides the odd nick and cut, the only real con is how quickly the hair grows back as it’s only cut off at the surface.

Try: Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle Kit, $21.99


Depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair and besides following the instructions very carefully, generally require very little skill to use.

As the chemicals are quite powerful it’s imperative to always do a patch test prior to use.

Apply the cream in a thick, even layer coating the hair, then wipe gently against the direction of hair growth to remove.

It’s believed that hydrated hair is easier to dissolve/remove, so do yours after a shower.

Try: Nair Sensitive Cream, $10


Brace yourself, as although epilators are highly effective for at-home, medium term hair removal, they can be quite painful!

Always exfoliate prior, this helps avoid in-grown hairs. It’s a great idea to purchase one with a massaging head as this helps minimise discomfort, while wet/dry versions also help ease pain as warm water aids endorphin release – the body’s natural painkillers.

Try: Remington Smooth & Silky Cordless Wet/ Dry Epilator, $149.99


Having a bikini wax done in-salon by a professional gets two major thumbs up, no doubt about it. However, for busy women, often the time and cost of appointments or even being a bit shy can stand in the way.

DIY has never been easier, so take a couple of Panadol and get to work for four-week, fuzz-free result.

It’s best to start from the outside and move in, applying the wax in a swirling motion.

It should be the consistency of cold honey and hair should be no shorter than around 5mm long as the wax won’t grip it otherwise.

Always pull the wax off in the opposite direction of the hair growth – you’ll know when it’s ready to pull when it’s tacky, not sticky, and you can almost tap it with your fingernail.

Pull the skin as taut as humanly possible to minimise pain.

Wear cotton underwear for the next 24 hours after and exfoliate regularly in the weeks after, this keeps follicles clear and in-growns at bay.

Try: Nair Toffee Apple Sugar Wax, $21.90


If you mean business when it comes to sorting your bikini line for good, laser is the answer. The technicians at Off Wax and Laser permanently remove the hairs with some very quick and surprisingly not-too-painful zapping in just a 15 minute session.

Laser is so effective as it’s able to penetrate deep into the root of the individual hair and destroy the follicle, meaning that once it’s gone it’s gone. A course of six is recommended to get every last one (as they grow in three cycles).

Say goodbye to painful in-grown hairs, time spent in salons, embarrassing, high-maintenance growth and spending lots of cash on temporary solutions.

Bikini line laser at Off Wax and Laser, $750 for six session course ($125 per session).

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